Dimitri embarks on new adventure with Boy Bianchi


Since Dimitri’s comeback in 2011, Dimitri has been producing as well as DJ’ing. After successful collaborations with  Reinoud van Toledo and Georgio Schultz, Dimitri has found yet another musical soulmate in Boy Bianchi. Their weekly days in the studio have not been without result: already they have put together an album filled with sensitivity, intensity and musicality. All of which Dimitri is known for. ZUBB Magazine recently posted an article (Dutch) about this collaboration in which it becomes very clear that Dimitri and Boy in fact get along very well. True team spirit.

An estimated release date is not yet determined, although they’d like the album to be finished somewhere end 2014/begin2015. With many well known labels interesting in releasing this album, it is merely a question of when we can expect their first release as a team. Until then Dimitri and Boy will focus on finishing, mixing and mastering the tracks.

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